Gold Pencil Contest


GOLD PENCIL CONTEST The international contest for young footwear designers, Gold Pencil, is organised by the Town Hall of Elda and Torreta High School, holding an exposition and different events inside the Elda Footwear Museum. The Gold Pencil Contest was an initiative created in order to promote the personal initiative of young students, competing with students from different regions, students from different high schools who have been training with professionals or the ones who have a Degree related to footwear and design. In 1990, they launched it onto international market and was 1996 when they decided to do it biannual with the intention of promoting the creative reflexion of the students and also to encourage a higher quality. At last but not least, we need to mention that with this award we are promoting Elda as a reference of international design for young creators as well as a high quality education related with the shoe sector and business development.

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