Award 2012

Mª Teresa Campos, Best Put on Shoes Woman 2012

Last 28th November, we received Mrs Mª Teresa Campos, Best Put on Shoes Woman 2013.The event took place at the Elda Footwear Museum at 12.30h, when Mª Teresa arrived at the Museum facilities accompanied by the Mayor of Elda, Mrs Pedrosa and the Director of the Museum, Mr Navarro.

During the event the famous TV moderator enchanted us with her words, expressing her gratitude for the warm welcoming of the city of Elda, our career path, design and the tradition of our industry and also to the 16 brands which have collaborated and have made possible this event.

As a tradition, she also signed in the honour book of the Museum as well as ceded to the Museum a pair of shoes which she has used in some of the most important moments of her life.

After the event, and also after receiving some pairs of shoes from the different 16 footwear brands from Elda, she was given the “Formolio” that certified she is the Best Put on Shoes Woman 2013. Eventually, they had a lunch at the AC Hotel of Elda, where the singer Alejandro Canals sang for Teresa.

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