Award 2003

Terelu Campos Award 2003

Last 15th October took place the Award Ceremony of the “Best Put on Shoes Woman” with Terelu Campos as selected person.

The members of the judge were Mr. Luis García Berlanga, Princess Tessa from Baviera, the writers Lourdes Ventura and Mr. Antonio Porpetta. The event started with the famous journalist visiting all facilities of the Museum, where different footwear brands gave her a collection of shoes as a gift. After signing in the “Honour Book”, Terelu inaugurated the painting exposition by Ana Vernia, called “Arte Póvera”. In this same act, the President of the AMEC’s association proclaimed her as “Ambassador of Spanish design and bags”. Finally, the award as “Best Punt on Shoes Woman” was given to Miss Campos at the AC Hotel during the honour dinner. She seemed delighted and fascinated with the distinction and the courtesy she received, remarking the excellent job of the entrepreneur shoes.

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