Award 2001

Anne Igartiburu Award 2001

Last 6th March 2002 took place The Judge meeting who grant the award of “The best put on shoes woman”. In this occasion, the celebrated TV moderator Anne Igartiburu. The Judge was presided over Princess Teresa de Baviera and made up of several vocals: Luis Alberto de Cuenca ( Cultural Secretary), Lourdes Ventura, Antonio Popetta, Joaquín Planelles and José María Amat.

The award celebration took place 3rd July at “The footwear Museum”. “The Luis Bergara””award was presented the same night. Thousands of people attended the event as well as the film director Luis Garcia Begara, the Cutural State Secretary, Luis Alberto from Cuenca, Princess Teresa from Baviera, the poem writer from Elda Antonio Porpetta, the previous director of “The Elda Footwear Museum”, José María Amat Amer, the previous Mayor, Juan Pascual Azorín and the business man Joaquín Planelles , “Textil.In” owner who was at the same time sponsor of the event.

Anne Igartiburu was delighted with the award, showing her excitement during all the celebration. She dedicated the prize to all shoe maker families who had made possible with their work that footwear from Elda is nowadays so famous and well recognised all over the world.

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