Footwear Museum Jose María Amat Amer

The José María Amat Amer Footwear Museum in Elda is a cultural and educational space in which to discover the influence of the footwear sector in the industrial history of the Medio Vinalopó region, as well as contemplate the different collections of shoes and machinery from companies that gave prestige to the shoemaker sector.

The museum has the largest collection of shoes, machinery, infographics, a library and a history of all aspects related to the world of footwear.

José María Amat Amer Footwear Museum has a management system that ensures compliance with the requirements of the UNE 302002: 2018 standard. The guidelines on which its mission, vision and values ​​are based are:

Preserve the arts of the trade, as well as the culture and history of footwear.
Satisfy the needs and expectations of museum visitors, as well as the rest of the interested parties, taking into account their opinions to apply them as improvement measures.
Maintain the commitment to quality, through the effective implementation of a continuous improvement system.
Sign the commitment to improvements in accessibility matters, providing resources in all the exhibition rooms.

As quality management is the responsibility of all the members of the organization, the Management is committed and ensures that this policy is understood and accepted by all the personnel that make up the José María Amat Amer Footwear Museum in Elda.

Signed. Museum address
Elda, September 10, 2020