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Room Nº3

The Shoe


Description of the room

Room Nº3. The Shoe

Under this generic denomination it is perhaps the room where most shoe and tool collections are kept. The content of this room aims to give us an idea of the evolution of footwear, its age, the history .....

The Ancient Footwear. Original pieces that show how old they were made or how they were manufactured throughout the different historical periods.

The History of Footwear. A journey through the History of Humanity through the shoes or footwear used in different periods. This set is naturally represented by pieces that have been reproduced from original engravings, paintings or shoes that exist in any footwear collection or museum anywhere, in encyclopaedias or history books and manuals.

Native footwear. Set of original shoes that have been used in any region or place in the world.

Shoes with History. Belonging to characters related to art, culture, sport or also characters who have been characterized by their extraordinary life, such as Pope John XXIII. Cayetana Duquesa de Alba, King Pepe Botella, Julio Iglesias, Lola Flores, Antonio Gala, José Sacristán, Antonio Gades, Luis Francisco Esplá, Arguiñano, Bisbal, Berlanga, Rafa Nadal, Iker Casillas, etc, etc.

Joya" shoes. They belonged to industries of the past and both the making and the innovation in design or manufacture that they represented at the time constitute what we have come to call "Jewels of Footwear".

Footwear and Sport. Footwear intended for the practice of sport or even for certain professions, which are antiques surpassed by new technologies.

Other collections of antique shoes include the Chinese Shoe for Lotus Feet; the Shoe in Japan; the Indian Shoe belonging to the ancient Indians tribes of North America; rural shoes from the Autonomous Communities of Spain, and a long list of miniatures, sculptures and other works made with the generic theme of The Shoe.

Utensils and tools. Belonging to workers who carried out their work using the craft techniques of the time.

This room also contains a series of paintings and photographs in the section we call "Characters of the Footwear Industry". This is a tribute that the Footwear Museum is paying in honour of the people who belonged to the footwear industry, with capital letters, from the different trades and situations.

Shoes and more shoes


Do not miss the selection of images that we have made throughout Room 3: El Zapato.