Footwear Museum Jose María Amat Amer

Room No. 2


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Description of the room

Room No. 2, called the Library, holds all kinds of books and magazines related to footwear from different countries around the world. This area is prepared so that researchers can have access to all the information related to past industries and other documents of high historical value. It is also visited by many designers who seek inspiration in design magazines from the 70s and 80s, such as Ars Sutoria, Vogue, Modalia, Modda Pelle, Footwear, Progetti, Calzature italiane, etc

In this room you will find a large collection of pantographs of different types and shapes to scale or number each series of patterns.

Also kept are the diplomas and medals awarded to people or entities related to the footwear sector and which have been the object of distinctions for their work in the footwear or auxiliary industry, such as the gold and silver medals obtained in 1902 by Rafael Romero in International Exhibitions.

We can contemplate the graphic testimonies of what were the first footwear fairs (documentation, bulletins and all kinds of merchandising, which are also conserved on the shelves of the showcases in this room).o, Mr. Gabriel Poveda "Leirbag".

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