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Stay informed and up to date with the events organised directly or indirectly at the Footwear Museum. The Woman in the best shoes Award, Footwear Congresses, school visits, awards ceremonies, exhibitions... any kind of event in the Footwear Industry, information about which you can find in this section.

The Mediterranean has always been, and will be, an inexhaustible source of culture and knowledge. Source from which we will never stop drinking, as bearers of its immense heritage.
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One more year Museo del Calzado joins the International Museum Day 2021 festival, adhering to the central motto of the day proposed by ICOM: rethinking the museum of the future to face the challenges of the present.
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Undressing in front of ourselves makes us even more scary if we can.
And we miss 80% of things that we could give ourselves if we just took off our clothes.
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