Footwear Museum Jose María Amat Amer


The Footwear Museum was the setting in which, once again, tribute was paid to footwear businesswomen, in this case from the auxiliary industry, in the person of Remedios Payá from the Manuel González Vera firm. They are a group of women who during their professional careers held positions and undertook actions that were relegated to men. Starting companies, taking care of them, practicing double work hours without conciliation... and all without the recognition of a society in which the rights of married men prevailed, something that was diluted starting in 1975. As on previous occasions, the activity was carried out by its promoters; Aulas de Elda Cultural Association ACAE, La Tertulia Cultural Association of Elda y Petrer and the Footwear Museum. In this edition, the University Headquarters of Elda UA participated as a collaborator. Relatives of the honoree played a leading role in creating a profile about Remedios and a vital journey about her personal and professional career. An emotional event in which one of his children, Pepe, his granddaughter Natalia and his grandson José Augusto participated. During this time it was possible to see the artist David Gorrión paint the portrait of Remedios live, which becomes part, along with the previous four, of the gallery of footwear entrepreneurs. Present at the event were the president of ACAE and host of the event, Concha Maestre, Juan Vera representing the Tertulia, the director of the Museum, Loles Esteve and the councilor for Relations with Universities, Enrique Quilez.