Footwear Museum Jose María Amat Amer


The José María Amat Amer Shoe Museum has received from the Minister of Tourism Reyes Maroto the certificate with the 'Q' Mark, the quality mark of the Spanish tourism sector awarded by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE).

This distinction accredits through an exhaustive audit that the Footwear Museum in its search for excellence between tourism and industrial culture, applies the requirements for the provision of visiting services and complementary activities that guarantee, facilitate and enrich the visitor's experience, through the establishment of some objectives, and constant commitment to continuous improvement in different aspects such as accessibility, information, communication, customer service, satisfaction and management of visitor suggestions; management of human resources and facilities.

The Q Quality Tourism guarantee mark is a Spanish brand of recognized prestige aimed at the voluntary certification of tourist services. A tourist organization obtains the Q for Tourist Quality when it shows compliance with the technical requirements that its corresponding standard dictates. The organization must implement a management system oriented to customer service and continuous improvement.

The "Q" contributes to the tourist establishments that hold it PRESTIGE, DIFFERENTIATION, RELIABILITY, RIGURITY AND PROMOTION, the latter, by the Secretary of State for Tourism and the Autonomous Communities.

The establishments endorsed by the "Q for Quality" have passed strict audits that ensure that their service provision is a guarantee of quality, safety and professionalism. All this to ensure clients the best possible tourist experience.



Obtaining the Brand implies externally for the establishments an increase in the satisfaction of their clients (promoting direct and indirect loyalty), an improvement in the reputation of the organization and the display of a differentiating seal in front of the potential client. Internally, it improves the management and effectiveness of the activities carried out, optimizes resources, motivates staff and establishes a system to effectively control the performance of the organization.

The Valencian Community occupies the first place in the national ranking of museums certified with the “Q” mark, with 8 certified museums out of the 12 national ones, as was accredited in the act, where the family photo was the most numerous, and it was shared with the Dámaso Navarro de Petrer Museum.

In Spain, the first Museum to do so in 2018 was the MARQ in Alicante. The other two great national museums that have obtained this certificate to date are the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum (Madrid) and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.