Footwear Museum Jose María Amat Amer


The Cadmio Artists Association promotes this activity that has achieved great acceptance among the collective of artists, and people with pictorial concerns.

The main objective is to pay homage to the shoemaker's world of work through one of the components that is most represented by the LAST, a fundamental element in the elaboration of a shoe.

About 70 lasts make up this exhibition where all techniques have a place, and creativity has given free rein to each artist to express what the Shoe means inside.

For many it has been a challenge, a new surface with a great load of feeling, in which to express our gratitude to an object that has given us so much, as people and as a group, the Shoe.

This last, a simple wooden dowel, sober and elegant, a fundamental element for the manufacture of a good shoe, which spends its entire useful life shaping authentic works of art, becomes a work of art in itself at the end of his days, to the delight and Tribute to the Footwear sector.

Thanks to these artists and Cadmio, the Last is recycled and empowers Art.


Inauguration on Saturday, October 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the Shoe Museum.