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Stay informed and up to date with the events organised directly or indirectly at the Footwear Museum. The Woman in the best shoes Award, Footwear Congresses, school visits, awards ceremonies, exhibitions... any kind of event in the Footwear Industry, information about which you can find in this section.

The exhibition that is presented in Elda, at the Museo del Calzado, brings together artists inescapably linked to the Mediterranean experience. Each one of them interprets it according to their own inclinations, highlighting some aspect linked to the most fascinating Sea that exists, and captures its movements, its symbols, its sounds, making it become poetry, tempting siren songs.

From October 20 to November 29, 2020.
XII INTERNATIONAL DAYS OF ELDA GUITAR 2020, organized by Elda University Venue, University of Alicante, from the Machinery room of the Footwear Museum.

New formats for new times.

Exhibition of historical and contemporary theatre shoes at Elda Escena 2020.

“Period and we continue. Life can more ”is a traveling exhibition of photographs set up as an awareness-raising project carried out with survivors of trafficking.
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