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A cultural and pedagogical space in which to discover the influence of the Footwear sector in the Industrial History of the Middle Vinalopó region, as well as contemplate the different Shoe and Machinery Collections of companies that brought about great prestige to the shoemaking sector.


The “José María Amat Amer” Footwear Museum is a reality thanks to the hard work of innumerable people who spent decades insisting on the need for an institution like this so as to preserve the Arts of the Trade as well as its History and Culture.



After hosting the FICIA (International Footwear and Related Industries Fair), Elda is the right city to become the venue for this Museum, due to its tradition of invaluable historic value in the shoemaking sector in Spain, renowned both nationally and internationally.

We boast the greatest collection of Shoes, Machinery, Infographics, Library and History related to all aspects of the field of Footwear.


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Visiting our Footwear Museum becomes a pleasant walk through the History of Footwear, the Factories and Shoemakers of old, the evolution of its Designs, Technology, and Footwear Fairs in Spain and the World.


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The Woman in the Best Shoes in Spain
The Woman in the Best Shoes in Spain

The Woman in the Best Shoes in Spain is awarded this prize during an annual ceremony held in the Footwear Museum in Elda before celebrities, business people in this sector and the media. At this ceremony she receives the award and the pin with the symbol of the Winged Shoe representing the spirit of the award and which embodies the responsibility given when it comes to making the industry take off, making it rise past any borders. To such end, the woman awarded receives the most valuable jewels: pairs of shoes designed by the collaborating companies with the features of the woman awarded in mind. These are handed over during a ceremony on the same day.

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The Collaborating Entities are, apart from a reference in their corresponding sector, the ones enabling the Museum's economic feasibility by doing their bit and directly collaborating with us in the cultural activities organised.

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Living History

Elda: Footwear City.

In 1967, the Footwear Industry of Spain achieved the greatest surplus of the trade balance in the country. Starring this achievement was the work developed by the FICIA (International Footwear and Related Industries Fair), which had been born in the city of Elda as the National Fair just six years earlier, in 1960. Such was the strength with which it was introduced in the Spanish economy, that in that short time it was able to overcome the citrus fruits, for instance, as the main export in those years.

Hundreds of years of footwear history hide in our galleries, awaiting your visit.

Are you studying? Do you need information? In order to help whoever wishes to learn part of the History of this Museum and the Shoemaking History of Elda, the Footwear Museum has made a compilation of pdf files which will be available for download very soon. We encourage you to return in the coming days so as to find out all the information by downloading our pdf files.

In collaboration with Flip Flop College and Aquora Business Education, we offer an ONLINE Fashion Business Management program.
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Aimed at Adapting the professional profile of the Product Merchandiser through the evolution of knowledge, tools and skills to the new market requirements.

It is taught in Elda, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona.
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The exhibition that is presented in Elda, at the Museo del Calzado, brings together artists inescapably linked to the Mediterranean experience. Each one of them interprets it according to their own inclinations, highlighting some aspect linked to the most fascinating Sea that exists, and captures its movements, its symbols, its sounds, making it become poetry, tempting siren songs.

From October 20 to November 29, 2020.
XII INTERNATIONAL DAYS OF ELDA GUITAR 2020, organized by Elda University Venue, University of Alicante, from the Machinery room of the Footwear Museum.

New formats for new times.

Exhibition of historical and contemporary theatre shoes at Elda Escena 2020.

“Period and we continue. Life can more ”is a traveling exhibition of photographs set up as an awareness-raising project carried out with survivors of trafficking.



Stay informed at all times regarding the latest news in the world of the Shoemaking sector, as well as all the news related to Current Events chosen by us.

24 2020
The Spanish Author's Fashion Manifesto arises as a continuation of the Madrid es Moda initiative, a project promoted by ACME with the support of the Madrid Capital de Moda platform and the support of the Madrid Business Forum, with the aim of revitalizing commerce of Spanish author fashion and bring the work of creatives and artisans in the sector to the final public.
13 2020
José María Amat Amer publishes "The exciting History of Footwear" on Amazon in digital format.

The exciting History of Footwear is an illustrated story that describes one of the most important accessories and through the history of humanity, use and customs. This time we do it with a tour of the rooms of the Elda Shoe Museum. Discovering not only the history of the shoe but also the history of design, of the technology to make footwear and other novel and unique aspects that this important museum offers.

The exciting History of Footwear as presented in this book, includes hundreds of color photographs that recreate different times and styles, to bring us closer to a world of contrasts in footwear from which, due to the beauty of the designs, it is very difficult to abstract. A source of inspiration for creators.
12 2020
In response to the suggestions of our visitors, and in order to facilitate the visit to the museum in moments of rest, as of November 7, 2020 we will extend our hours to Saturdays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.