Footwear Museum Jose María Amat Amer

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Welcome, the launch of a shoe museum was the purpose of many entities for dozens of years. The need to create a museum to preserve the essence and work of the footwear industry was insisted on.

The FICIA (International Footwear and Related Industries Fair), the long tradition and shoemaking history of a magical city like Elda and the unconditional support of people like Alberto Navarro and later Jose María Amat Amer, who persistently insisted years later, on 17 January 1991, being Mayor of Elda D. Roberto García Blanes, a collaboration agreement between the Mayor - President of the Exmo. City Council of Elda, the president of the Provincial Savings Bank of Alicante, Mr. Francisco Rodríguez Valderrama, the dean of the Official College of Technical Engineers of Alicante and the founder and initiator of the Footwear Museum to prepare the statutes of the "Private Cultural Foundation Footwear Museum "and that's where the road begins to present to all of you, and to you, visitor, the Footwear Museum" Jose María Amat Amer "located in the shoemaker town of El Vinalopó.

The rest is history. Do you want to meet her? Come and visit a museum full of magic ...

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