History of the Museum

Elda and Footwear

It has been more than a hundred years since the manufacturing of the footwear is the main industry in Elda. However, we are not sure about when did exactly appear this industry itself.
It is important to mention that footwear has always existed in Elda, and there are several documents which can certify it, so it is essential to determinate when this industry started to create profits as well as an increase and innovation in its techniques.
Although the footwear industry development of Elda started with a group of shoe workers from the early XIX century, there were also other circumstances; agriculture problems, geographic location or other previous industries were some of them.
During the XIX century, this local industry had a consolidation that made it the first economical activity in the last part of the century. We can mention different stages: a first increase of workers and manufactures (1851 – 1870); new industries and services (1870); a consolidation as the first local industry (1875 – 1890); the construction of new factories (1891 – 1990).
In the last period of the XIX century, there was a transformation in the Elda’s society, which became an industrial village. As a consequence, there was an increase in the number of workers, a huge demand of them, basically children from the low class of society who started as apprentice.

Was during this time when Elda lived and spectacular increase in its population and became to have a wonderful recognition all around the world.