Award 2006

Nuria Roca Premio Award 2006










Last 22nd November at 20.00h we had the pleasure to receive Núria Roca at “The Elda Footwear Museum”. In a usual show around at the Museum, Núria was guided by the previous Director of the Museum, Juan Carlos Martínez , the Mayor, Adela Pedrosa, the Industry, Bussines and Innovation Minister, Belén Juste and the rest of local and province authorities. After signing in the “Honor Book”, Núria was given a silver chain with a shoe shape as a gift, as well as a little replica of the monument “Shoe Maker Family”. After the event, the Museum gave the same award to the family “Textil.In” in recognition of their task in driving and promoting “The best put on shoes women”. Núria received the emblem as a certification of the award with a big expectation.

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