Award 2004

Paz Vega Award 2004

17 th June, Paz Vega arrived at the Elda Footwear Museum in a warn welcoming from all fans who were waiting outside the building. The Director of the Museum, The Mayor of the city and the rest of authorities accompanied the famous actress during the entire event.

During the visit, she was given a portrait as a gift made by the painter from Elche, Fran Rodri. Once all the installations were seen, Paz was given a replica of the “Shoe Maker Family Monument”, as well as talking to the audience. The inauguration of the exposition of “Metanoia” took place the same night. An Alicante’s University project created by the group “ADRITEO”, compound by A. Adriana Garcia y Teodora Martín based on footwear thematic.

After the inauguration, the actress was given a collection of shoes as a gift from different famous brands from Elda: Magrit, Rebeca Sanver, Paco Gil y Paco Herrero. Paz Vega was really happy with all the presents and showed how delighted she felt in Elda. The manager of the brand “TEXTIL.IN”, which was the sponsor of the event, gave her the “Formolio” which recognised her as “The Best Put on Shoes Woman”.

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