Footwear Museum (Elda)

Welcome to the official site of the Elda Footwear Museum. Welcome to this space where internet gives us the opportunity to show the world our Museum.

Elda, an industrial city, holds one of the most important collections of footwear in the world. More than 15.000 items and four halls of exposition that join to create a unique space full of tradition, design, industry, art and culture.

I would like to thank all people who make possible that this Museum can be a reality donating new items to the Museum, business companies which collaborate, sponsors of the Foundation Footwear Museum and above all the ones who from the early years have been manufacturing footwear and the ones who continue doing it.


From this moment, I invite you to go into the fabulous world of footwear, to know our Museum through our web and also to enjoy with the 5 senses all this Museum can offer you.

Adela Roldán Pedrosa, Foundation Footwear Museum’s President, Elda.